A paragraph from a parent leaving early to move out of area – 2020

‘I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the care and attention X has received over the last year and a half. It has been a phenomenal experience and really exceeded everything I had hoped for X’s wellbeing and nurture. He has grown into a polite, thoughtful and curious boy. Thanks for your constant prudence and creative activities. You’ve made him enjoy learning so much and he is the one who pesters me to read at least four books every day, and enjoys each one, saying how much he enjoyed reading it with others in the nursery. He is speaking so well considering he’s picking up on two languages and I couldn’t have been prouder to put him in a setting quite like this one.

I could go on forever writing how happy I have been for X to be in the nursery. All in all, it will definitely be a great loss but moving on is inevitable.’

A few comments from our Parent Survey February 2019

‘Pippa and her team offer outstanding care and support. They offer a wide range of opportunities and involvement for the children to flourish.’

‘We are so happy with the care that is provided at Southernwood. Always fun and educational and love to see what they are enjoying throughout the day.’

‘You are all doing an amazing job I couldn’t wish for anything more for my child. She loves being at nursery. She is learning so much we are very grateful.’

‘The variety of activities that the children can undertake is amazing, the staff are very friendly and welcoming and make the time at nursery extremely fun and enjoyable.’

I can’t think of anything else to add.  The nursery and all the staff are wonderful.’

A few comments from our Parent Survey 2018

A few comments from our Parent Survey February 2017

‘I would recommend Southernwood to all parents – both my girls have been really happy at Southernwood and are learning so much and enjoy coming home and telling mummy and daddy. All the staff are approachable and care and love what they do as it shows’

I am so pleased with how far M has come and how much she has improved. She has learnt so much and I wouldn’t change a thing as all the staff are doing a fab job teaching her and looking after her . Thank you.’

‘Thank you for all your care and support. You’re all doing a fantastic job and it’s very much appreciated!

‘All staff are excellent. Have supported me through difficult times with my boys eating.’

‘N is happy, safe and secure at Southernwood. It is her second home and we wouldn’t want it to change as it is a fantastic place for children to grow. We will be very sad when she has to leave.’

‘I’d like to take the time to thank you all for making my daughter settle so well. I thought she and I would struggle and we did a little but the comfort and kindness given will always remember and will be sending my son too when he’s older’

‘T loves her time at Southernwood and we are also delighted – it’s a very happy, fun place and that’s what matters the most! Thank you.’

‘My child is safe, happy, cared for, supported, motivated and engaged at nursery! Thank you!

A few comments from our Parent Survey January 2016

‘We’re extremely happy with the care of our child! Keep up the awesome work!!’

‘Would just like to thank all the staff for looking after my girls. They absolutely love coming to nursery and I can relax and know they are being well cared for and having lots of fun!’

‘Thank you for doing such a great job. C is loving nursery and is so secure in the wonderful connections he has made with the staff. Everyone is helpful, so kind and excellent at communicating with us as parents. The work you do preparing our little ones for school is fabulous – B (our older child) is doing so well given the foundation of learning he received at home and Southernwood. Thanks so much!’

‘I am really happy with the care given to F. All the staff are so warm, communicative and I trust them completely. I am confident that F is being given good opportunities to learn in a variety of contexts (despite only attending two mornings a week)!’

‘All staff at Southernwood…You are doing a fantastic job and I can’t recommend Southernwood highly enough! Thank you :)’

Your care is exemplary so please carry on doing the job you love!’

‘Just a chance to say a Big Thank you for all you do do. My daughter enjoys her time at nursery because of your care for her. And she is learning so much all the time. I recommend Southernwood to all I talk to! Thank you all again’

Feedback and comments from our Parent survey. January 2014 

‘We think Southernwood is fab! … Keep up the great work, you are all amazing’

‘We love Southernwood and so does X! … Couldn’t really ask for more/better care… there’s just the right balance of play/learning and being relaxed about the whole thing. Carry on!!’

‘Moving X to Southernwood was without a doubt the best move we could have made. The staff are so friendly but also so knowledgeable and ready to support with advice and guidance. The ethos and principles of the nursery are perfect to allow children to develop and grow, be inquisitive, learn through trial and error and become creative, well-adjusted young people. I only wish you kept them beyond school age…any chance of expanding?!!! Thank you to you all for making X feel so special!

I have to say Southernwood is very special and we’re very happy. …the staff are intelligent, experienced, knowledgeable and very enthusiastic. You can tell that the staff love their work and it shines through. You’re the best! Thank you!