Keeping children safe

We are very serious about keeping children safe. When children feel safe and they are happy, they learn.

At Southernwood we keep your children safe by:-

Having a locked front entrance that is only opened by staff who check the suitability of anyone wishing to enter the nursery.

When children play outdoors, the main front gates or the gate to the main garden are padlocked so that anyone wishing to enter has to wait for a member of staff to attend.

All areas of the nursery are regularly risk assessed to ensure there are no hazards to your child’s safety.

All staff are DBS checked.

Visitors to the nursery sign in and out. If a visitor is in the nursery itself for any length of time, mobile phones are requested and are placed safely away from the area. Parents with phones who are only briefly in the nursery are under supervision e.g. when they are picking up their child.

Safeguarding and Child Protection

The safety and well-being of the children in our care is paramount in all that we do and as a result  there are robust safeguarding procedures.

All staff  have had specific training and are proficient in all aspects of Child Protection having all recently completed an online Safeguarding module.  We are committed to ensuring that we protect each and every one of our children from abuse of any kind. Our training includes information on our ‘PREVENT’ duty to recognise the signs of terrorist activity and act on information. Also, we are alert to the signs of children being vulnerable regarding Female Genital Mutilation and Child Sex Exploitation.

All our staff are versed in what to do should they have any concerns about how a colleague may be behaving, including if they have to ‘whistleblow’ in order to protect a child. They are clear about the procedures in place should they need to do this.

If we have a Child Protection concern about your child, we may inform you of our concerns before we speak to Social Services, however, there are circumstances where a child may be at immediate risk of harm when a referral has to be made without informing the parent/carer beforehand that we are doing this.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) is Mrs Nadine Powell. Her Deputy DSL is Mrs Victoria Haly.

Keeping children safe from harm is everybody’s business. If ever you have  concerns about a child’s welfare, please don’t hesitate to make them known to one of the DSLs here at Southernwood or phone the Torbay Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub on 01803 208100.